Did you know that over 450,000 babies are born premature in the United States every year? And 15,000,000 worldwide. Because of their early arrivals preemies are more susceptible to a myriad health issues including apnea, PDA (Patent Ductus Arteriosis ) and RDS (Respiratory Distress Syndrome ). But technology and science continue to evolve. In fact, a preemie born today has a much greater chance at survival compared to only 10 years ago.  Keep checking back for more factoids.




Raise your hand if you imagined your child’s 18th birthday and high school graduation while sitting in the NICU?  I know I did. At that time, I thought 2018 was so far away. HA! We all have had the experience of an older mom saying to us (in the midst of a toddler tantrum, no doubt), “Enjoy these years; they go so fast.” But, in the NICU, nothing goes fast, so eighteen years seems like an eternity. Now, I’m that mom telling the young mom “it goes so fast.”  Here I am, 18 years later, my girl, my first born, my preemie is Eighteen! She’s an actual adult.

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The Gift of a Name


When you name your son after" The Champ", "The G.O.A.T (The Greatest Of All Time)", and that man dies, a small part of you does too.  Your memory takes you back to the night that your son received that name.  It brings back the sights, sounds, even the smells and feelings of those moments when you weren’t sure if your baby would make it out of the NICU.

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Just Get Over It!


 "Just get over it!"

A friend said that to me once.

"Just get over it. Maybe you need professional help or something. it's not normal that you still talk about Isabelle being a preemie." Is it normal? I don't know. It's my normal. I don't feel like I need professional help. I just feel like a Mom who started motherhood in a very scary and dramatic way; it defined me as a mother. It changed me. I think that's okay!

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Preteen Tornados



I don't necessarily think this is preemie related, but its parenting related and I think (I hope!) we can all appreciate or (at least) empathize.

While I tend to write a lot about those emotions that hit us right in the feels in terms of that preemie baby, I feel like we are no longer in the scared shitless in the NICU stage, now we are in the scared shitless preteen stage.  Those emotions are actually not too far apart.

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Kangaroo Care...Then and Now


There has been so much in the news lately about the benefits of Kangaroo Care.  I think all of us “seasoned” preemie parents understand this and have seen firsthand the benefits.  I know that we were told that skin-to-skin contact would help stabilize the baby's heart rate, regulate his body temperature and help with my milk production!  We experienced all of those benefits.  I know that the 12+ hours I spent every day for almost 3 months holding him skin-to-skin helped him - and me.  There have even been stories about how a baby was born and presumed dead and they

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World Prematurity Day 2015


World Prematurity Awareness Day.


By now, we all know what the purple ribbon means and we have all heard at least one story about a fantastic preemie, right?  There are so many success stories and I love it.  I love that parents who have a preemie today can hear stories of hope.  I guess that's why we needed a day to bring awareness. Makes sense.

November 17th is Prematurity Awareness Day.  The first day this was recognized was in 2003.  You may wonder how I know this – well, I will tell you a story.

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Preemie Fire


I'd like to talk a little about preemie fire.

I have mentioned it before in previous blog posts I have written.

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Kye's Story


A lot can happen in a month's time.  A three-year-old can be potty-trained, a two-year-old can learn to share, a one-year-old can start to walk, and a six-month-old can start solid food.

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An Open Letter to New Preemie Parents


Dear Preemie Parent,

Hi there! I saw you today. I smiled. Maybe I asked you how old your preemie was or maybe I didn't. I feel like I can sometimes pick a preemie out of a crowd.

I want to tell you a little bit about about hope. It took me a while to get here. Sometimes I thought about it every day – about when we we'd get “out of the woods” and no longer have fear that there would be something else wrong with our preemie.

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Why EI?


Why EI?

I have had a lot of people ask me about Early Intervention (EI) lately. All this talk in Illinois about our new governor wanting to cut EI benefits to those who are in need of these services has families worried.

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