Did you know that over 450,000 babies are born premature in the United States every year? And 15,000,000 worldwide. Because of their early arrivals preemies are more susceptible to a myriad health issues including apnea, PDA (Patent Ductus Arteriosis ) and RDS (Respiratory Distress Syndrome ). But technology and science continue to evolve. In fact, a preemie born today has a much greater chance at survival compared to only 10 years ago.  Keep checking back for more factoids.


Karaleigh's Story


My journey to motherhood was like climbing a giant mountain without gear or a map. There were no manuals or guides, we walked blindly in the dark hoping to get to our goal, a healthy baby. After only 2 months of trying, my husband and I were over the moon excited to be pregnant with our first child. We could barely contain our excitement, we told our parents and siblings. Everyone was overjoyed. I had the morning sickens and headaches but welcomed them as part of being pregnant. At 6..5 weeks pregnant, we lost our first child to miscarriage.

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Beth's Story


Our son Carter was born at 29 weeks.  I was having a nearly perfect pregnancy up until the day I was admitted into the hospital.  We had planned on a natural birth, I had planned to breast feed and use cloth diapers.  The best laid plans….

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